Over $13,400 Raised for Day One

Day One - Helping the community to make a better future

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Over $13,400 raised for Day One

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our goal of $13,400 which benefits Day One. The total amount is over $12,000 and still going up as we are still recieving donations and adding up all the pennies.

We would like to thank our sponsors who helped make this event possible and we look forward to see everyone again at the next event.

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Day One is a community-based nonprofit organization with a 25 year history of providing effective, high quality and culturally-sensitive public health education, intervention, policy development and environmental prevention efforts.

Day One grew out of a collective vision of concerned community leaders in 1987. Their vision was spurred by the drug epidemic in Pasadena and Altadena, especially among youth and in the Northwest area. Since then the organization has become a leader in youth advocacy and community health in the San Gabriel Valley.

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Youth Leadership

A community-based organization with over two decades of service in the realm of public health promotion and policy, Day One plays an active role in community organization, policy development, advocacy, and youth and community empowerment.

Programming is based on recommended strategies that have been proven effective through research by organizations like the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our prevention work is thus multi-focal, and includes information dissemination, prevention education, alternative activities, problem identification and referral, community organizing, and environmental approaches.

Environmental Prevention and Public Health Policy

Environmental Prevention acknowledges that social and physical conditions within communities play a major role in shaping the health and well-being of community members, especially youth. As a result, environmental prevention strategies focus on community systems rather than individuals. Unhealthy behaviors and problems are influenced by a complex set of factors in the environment.

Our areas of environmental prevention and public health work include - Healthy Nutrition and Active Lifestyles, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control and Tobacco Control and Prevention

Parent Education

Day One helped establish March as Parenting Awareness Month (PAM) by hosting and organizing various events, celebrations, workshops and trainings throughout the community. Activities are intended to enhance parenting skills by developing better family communication, discipline, health, and other parenting skills necessary in today’s world. A highlight of the month includes the Parent Conference.The goal is to celebrate parents, grandparents, caregivers and others who are raising children while helping provide them with the tools necessary to raise happy, healthy, and drug-free children.

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The Pasadena Star-News is a paid local daily newspaper for Pasadena, California. The Star-News is a member of Southern California News Group (formerly the Los Angeles Newspaper Group), since 1996. It is also part of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, along with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Whittier Daily News.

First published in 1884, the paper was originally located at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Oakland Avenue for years. That building is now home to Technique at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and 24 Hour Fitness.

Ridder Newspapers bought the Star-News in 1956 and Bernard J. Ridder took over as publisher. Ridder merged with Knight to form Knight Ridder in 1974. The paper was sold off in 1989 to a company owned by William Dean Singleton; the Thomson Corporation bought majority control of the paper a year later. Thomson sold the Star-News to Singleton's MediaNews Group in 1996, which went on to become part of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

The newspaper also publishes the Rose Magazine which provide coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Game.

Pasadena Star News

book Unconditional love and listening are two of the most important ingredients to help children grow into kind, successful, grown ups who are able to create the life they want. But, generational beliefs and painful experiences mean that some of us didn’t receive the love and listening we needed from the adults in our lives when we were little. If that’s the case for you, then you may get overly frustrated or down on yourself. This may interfere with your parenting goals of providing the love and attention your children need.

Your childhood might have left you with deep down hurts – some that you are aware of and possibly some that you are not. These hurts can affect you and/or interfere with how you provide the love and listening your own children need. Stress, old hurts, and stuck-ness can block you from being your best for yourself and your kids.

book I grew up in a house with 8 people: 2 were parents and the other 5 were my siblings. Being a highly sensitive person and number 5 of 6 kids – with parents who were barely making ends meet – made for a stressful childhood. The things I observed and endured were not life threatening, but they hurt just the same. These experiences also gave me a deep longing to help others. Service to others began to manifest in me by the time I was 5 years old. My journey is filled with a successful search for learning, healing, and transformation. I am so pleased to share and be able to support others like you who are on a similar healing journey.

Katie McClain - Growing up Kind

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